What a blast it was to go back to the filming sites around Portland with my new Twilight  BFF. She had attended the Forks events and then headed south to see all around Portland.  It was really fun to hear about the Stephenie Meyer Days and Forks Forever. Especially, with Stephenie Meyer attending. She was able to see her twice.

We have been in contact a few months to figure out all the details. She was hoping for rain while here and she sure got her wish. We started out in St. Helens with thunder rolling over us and heavy rain showers. How funny when we went to the Swan house and found “wolf” prints all over the roof. We came across several other Twilight fans while around town. We were able to get a look at the Cullen house in NW Portland. From there we “drove like a Cullen” and streaked across Portland to Oxbow Park, View Point Inn and Multnomah Falls. The Viewpoint Inn looks pretty much the same as when I visited there a few months ago, but the security fencing is all gone. You can walk freely around the property now. The insides look worse for the wear because of water damage from the roof.  The wood flooring is pretty much ruined. Glass was broken on a door. Sad situation for a place that could be even better than before.

Day two took us across town to Madison HS and Vibra. Then south to Carver Cafe, Stonecliff and the green houses. We were on the road again going north to The Shire after that. I think that remains my favorite filming location. I just love that place and we spent a couple hours there. This is my third trip there and each time its a little different. The water level in the river is low right now so the big boulders on the river were very prominent.  The pillions were much more exposed for a different look. Sally the caretakers dog greeted us and followed us around. Whenever I visit there the caretaker KC gives me a bit more information about the actual film shooting. I clarified with him on how they used the County buildings across the road. I have read two different accounts. He said that “yes” they used the building for two scenes in the movie. The inside of the Phoenix hotel room and Bella’s bedroom. They actually used two of the buildings. We also talked about the trees along one side of the baseball field. They go completely bare winter/spring. They are the tall ones along the left side when facing the river. They had parked all their trucks, trailers, tents in the parking area behind the trees. He said they actually had to bring in some big fir trees to place in front of their vehicles and equipment to camouflage them from the filming.  He is just a wealth of information on the filming there. Really nice guy to chat with. I hope to get back there in late February which is when they were filming there.

Our two day trip ended with her driving north to visit Kalama HS and then onto Seattle for the night.  She heads back to her hometown this afternoon.