TWILIGHT FILMING LOCATION Silver Falls Park Filming (6) Tree to Tree

The scene in the movie starts with Edward and Bella in the Cullen house in his bedroom. He grabs her arm, pulls her onto his back and they are off out the window to the nearest tree. The filming for the initial part of this scene was filmed outside of the Cullen house in Portland. This was done with Rob and Kristen. The filming then moved to the park with stunt doubles and the second unit filming crew. They did the filming in the north end of the park off of parking lot F. On the day I visited the roadway off of the parking lot was closed and we hiked to the area. The parking area is in a circle with trees in the center. We walked around the whole area, but quickly discovered it would be nearly impossible to locate the exact trees they used. My photos are from the area where they supposedly filmed. It looked very “twilight” on the day I visited with the cold fog amongst the tall trees. We were told they brought in a lot of rigging equipment and used a few large cranes to get the stunt people into the trees and have them flying tree to tree.