I really had no idea that Cruze was so obsessed with The Roloff family. After our conversation yesterday I posted the sound bite on my twitter account. I also was surprised to find that the whole Roloff Family is on twitter with separate accounts. I tagged Jeremy and Amy Roloff and was excited to see that Jeremy had Favorited the tweet. Which means that he probably got to listen to our radio conversation. Once again Cruze and I were talking about it again today. So, JEREMY ROLOFF PLEASE CALL CRUZE AT 105.1 THE BUZZ RADIO.

You can listen to The Buzz radio from any computer or even your phone with their app. Check out their website for details.

Just in case you are not familiar with The Roloff Family they have a reality based TV Show on TLC channel. They live on their farm in Hillsboro area just west of where I live. They do a huge pumpkin sale event during October and it is packed with fans every weekend.