Robert Pattinson

The Rover Poster and Standup at FOX TOWER CINEMAS

When I first saw one of these stand ups online I was really hoping for one to be at our theater here in Portland. When in LA at the premiere we attended the Q and A and movie at the Arc Light Cinema in Hollywood and they did not have one of the stand ups. That was really strange and disappointing. I decided to check our theaters here in town and was lucky to find that Fox Tower downtown did have a poster up and one of the cardboard stand ups for The Rover. I went there today to check it out and take a few photos. When talking to them I asked about what happens to them afterward the manager said they RECYCLE THEM. She did ask if I would be interested in picking it up when they are done with it. YES  YES YES.  After leaving my information with her I do hope to hear from them and I may give them a call when I no longer see the moving playing there.

If you are in the Portland area and want to see it for yourself along with the movie its is located at Regal Cinemas Fox Tower Stadium Movie Theater downtown Portland at 846 SW Park Ave.

The Rover is playing at three other theaters in the Portland area.