I don’t think so. This summer Peter Facinelli did an interview and photo shoot for Ladygunn Magazine. Here’s an excerpt. You can read the full interview at Ladygunn Magazine.

What’s your favorite thing about life right now?

You know, right now life is really freeing. I like to travel a lot, I just went to Belize. I’m really enjoying some time off and just playing with the kids. It’s busy because I have my kids, meetings with my production company, and actor meetings. As I look at my schedule, I’m very overwhelmed, so I just take it one day at a time. But it feels really good right now to be in a place where there’s a lot of opportunities. Before, when I was locked into TWILIGHT, I was shooting it and NURSE JACKIE at the same time and it was a great experience. I mean was literally shooting both at the same time for 3 years in a row. I’d go from one set and get on an airplane and on another set while shooting and get on a plane in Vancouver and land in New York and go straight to set again. But with the TWILIGHT series behind me, I’m looking forward to what’s next and being very picky in what I want to do. There are a lot of opportunities a lot of doors in front of me, now I get to select which one I want to go through.

No sign of the good Dr. Cullen here.