Lastly we drove over the hills and through the valleys to end up at Oxbow Park located east of Gresham. Its a beautiful day and overnight camp park located on the Sandy River. Here is where they filmed the scene when Bella reveals that she knows Edward is a vampire.  He then replies to her with “Say it”. Once we entered the park my directions to the location were pretty vague and we did wander around a bit. We were ready to give up when we came across a helpful park ranger who knew the exact location where the filming took place. I had read that they had to close off the forested area where this scene was filmed because of too many people trampling through the area and killing the vegetation. Happily when we found the open area we saw that it is now in full recovery and was a beautiful setting for this scene.  Ringed by massive trees the open area is overflowing with ferns, moss covered logs and lots of green foliage everywhere.  It is a majestic forested site.






This is where Edward pulls Bella along to the top of the hill for the reveal.