Stone Cliff Inn
17900 S. Clackamas River Drive
Clackamas, Oregon

What a fun day it was to travel to some of the Portland area Twilight filming sites. They filmed here in May 2008.  It’s truly amazing to me that the locations are all so easily accessible. We just opened up the GPS and were on our way heading east of Portland.  I had hoped to get to three different locations and we were lucky to find them all.

The first locations are at Stone Cliff Inn in Carver overlooking the Clackamas River. Nestled amid the old growth trees at the base of the cliffs lie the huge basalt boulders and rooted pathways used for the filming. This area perfectly fits the description of the NW Washington rain forests. The trees are full of hanging moss and gorgeous foliage. Covering the ground are ferns, dirt pathways and large tree roots all wandering among the huge boulders. They used the location for several scenes. When filming began here it was raining but they were able to get short dry spells to shoot many of the scenes. The production crew brought in extra lighting which would reach into the forested area.  The original location they scouted to use was further east towards Mt Hood. However, when they returned to do the filming the area was covered in a light snow and they had to quickly come up with a second place to film.  Filming here below the cliffs proved to be a gorgeous location.  We were able to take photos that mostly matched those scenes in the movie.




The tree Edwards hangs in.


The tree and boulders Bella stands in front of.














The Lion and the Lamb.











Edward jumps off top of boulder.











Edward reveal sparkle.