The Dress and Shoes


Michael Wilkinson is the costume designer for Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2.  He collaborated with Carolina Herrera on the design and construction of Bella’s wedding dress.  It is truly an amazing creation.  The lace and buttons running down the back brought out a true vintage feel to the dress.  In the movie the much anticipated dress is slowly revealed as Bella walks down the aisle.

26dd078600f83105f05fb1fa1d2bc208Bella’s Manola Blahnik Swan shoes, with 4 ½ inch heels, were designed by Manola Blahnik for this movie. They have a unique crystal covered vine design on the side.  Just exquisite.  They were originally made for the movie and you can now purchase them in white or other colors.  I have actually seen them in white and pink. Stunning shoes. Their purchase price is around $1,200.

Michael Wilkinson also designed and created the dresses for the Cullen women.  Alice’s dress was drawn from the 1920’s flapper style.  Rosalie wore a full length dress with a high slit. It was very 1930’s to 1940.  Esme had a dress that reflected her character’s warmth and timeless beauty.  All of the women’s dresses were done in a soft lavender to gray palette. All of the wedding guests attire was designed in similar shades.


twilighteclipserings010_308_detailBellas engagement ring was designed and made by Portland company Artisan Designs.