Just got back from this crazy one week trip to Vancouver BC area to track TWILIGHT LOCATIONS. My friend did a lot of work gathering information before we went. Plus we had her GPS. We were able to find most of the places we were searching out. Only had a few maybes or places we couldn’t get to. Because I LOVED the Twilight wedding I used that as a reference of the area around the house. Here’s the first up.

The Cullen House was built in Squamish for Eclipse and then re built for Breaking Dawn. They added onto the back to accommodate the birth scene. The house was originally modeled after the Cullen house in Portland, Oregon. The photos I have seen are pretty similar although they added another floor.

We had a hard time getting an exact location for the house site. Everyone knew it was in Squamish, British Columbia. It came down to a lot of luck for us to really find it. On our way to Pemberton we stopped in Squamish at Starbucks for some coffee and asked the women there if they might know of the location. One of them starting giving us some directions but kept saying she really didn’t know. It turned out she was right on. We had drove up to Pemberton area first to visit the Denali house. On our way back driving we decided to try some of the directions the Starbucks woman had given us. Just before we got to Squamish I had an email come in from HR, a twi fan who graciously helped us with some locations. She said she did not get to see the house site, but sent me her directions anyway. They were right near where this other woman had said.

We took the exit and starting toward the road. We tried checking out several driveways and had no luck but we knew we were really close. On the way we had passed a horse camp and now noticed a few horses coming our way. We decided to ask them if they knew of the location. We lucked out as the leader told us right where to go. We had just not gone far enough on the road.

When we found the right driveway it had a locked chain across it with no trespassing signs. We decided to hop it and walk in. There was first a large clearing to our right. We knew it had to be by the river so we kept walking on the dirt road. Then we came to another clearing on our left. We kept walking toward the river. First thing we saw was the huge cement driveway left by the production people. We were in the right area. We walked around and started noticing all the rocks and logs left behind. We figured out where the house was and where the wedding took place. After spending time there we were down by the river when I turned and noticed a woman far back with her dog. Uh Oh . She was talking to us but we could not hear her. I started walking toward her and we had a few words. We knew we had to leave but were satisfied with the photos we took away. It was so well worth it.

The area that the house sat in is completely wooded and along the river. I did not realize that the wedding “alter” was right above the riverbank. They must have turned it over for the reception. The whole area was not really that big. There were several wooded areas around the house site that must have been used for the other outdoor scenes. We did find the arm wrestling rock.

We learned that the woman owns the property and lived down the driveway next to this one. She lives right there so I would not recommend going in. She said she couldnt believe that fans were still coming on her property. I guess she just doesnt understand the TWILIGHT FANDOM.

More of my photos can be found on Facebook twilightgirlportland.

This is the wedding scene. Right behind the alter/trees is the river. Edward is standing right in front of the a log covered in moss that is still there today.




WhenBella is walking down the aisle you can see the Cullen house behind her.


Looking from the alter/trees back toward the Cullen house.


I think they reset the area for the reception. You can glimpse the Cullen house in the background.



This is where she meets Jacob and its along the side of the house viewing towards the wedding reception.


This is the view now onto the whole area where the house would stand. You can see the  driveway in the distance. The wedding would be off to the right.


This is more of the forested area between the house and river. It could have been used for filming several scenes in BD 2.



This was our first view of the driveway. I thought it went across the front of the house but, not, it angles up towards the house.


This ariel photo from @twifans.com shows the driveway out the front of the house and decks on the back facing the river. Interesting how the house just nestles in the woods. I did think the area was not as big as I thought it would be.



We found the arm wresting rock down near the river.


These are looking down on the river which would be behind the wedding alter/trees and along the back of the house.

DSCN4342 DSCN4340 DSCN4343

This is the road leading to the gated road leading to the house location. Lots of space here for production equipment.