Charlie Bewley/Twilight Fans Virtual 5K For Veterans

Charlie Bewley inspires Twilight fans to organize a virtual 5k for veterans!

Charlie Bewley (“Demetri”) has been traveling nationwide to raise awareness about our war veterans struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other challenges after returning home from multiple deployments. In an effort to attract media attention, he’s been going to various cities’ major landmarks and doing what he calls “Sweat4Vets” events where he jump ropes and does push ups for an hour or so. He says he also wanted to do this to push himself physically as a symbolic gesture of the numerous sacrifices our veterans have made for us.

Inspired by that, two Twilight fans in Tennessee put together a Sweat4Vets Virtual 5k and YOU can be a part of it, too! Just go to before Sept. 6 and register to participate! A Virtual 5k is one you can do anywhere, any time and no one will be tracking you. It’s just a way to bring us all together to sacrifice a little sweat for our vets!

Registration ends Sept. 6, so you only have 1 week left! Register for the 5k ($25) and you get an official Sweat4Vets t-shirt AUTOGRAPHED by the one and only Charlie Bewley! They are also throwing in a little extra surprise gift from FORKS, Washington – the home of Twilight!

So please support this great cause today.