Griffith Park Golf Course
Redwood Forest
Center of Golf Course
4750 Crystal Springs Dr.
Los Angeles, Ca

I had read several references about the filming of The Meadow scene from the first Twilight movie. Everything pointed to it being in the middle of Griffith Park Golf Course. With just that information I drove into the park and headed to the Golf Shop. After winding around and following signs I came to the golf course, parked and walked to the shop. A nice older gentleman was at the desk and I told him I was looking for the filming site of the meadow from the Twilight movie. He replied that I was not allowed on the course as a non-golfer, but then he turned me around and pointed out the window to a large stand of redwood trees that were dead center down the course pathway.

The area is called The Redwoods. I thanked him and was off to find a way to get there without walking the golf course.  I ended up walking back down the road we came in on and saw that if I jumped a low fence I could climb down a embankment and walk straight across to the redwood trees. When I got to the golf course I realized that I had to go straight across where golf balls could be flying so I ran across to the center pathways. As I walked along I heard some noise and turned to see a deer walking near a tree. I continued on the path into the redwoods and realized that the pathway went around the redwood trees and there were other paths that went through the trees as well. I decided to circle the trees looking for the perfect meadow area.

I knew from looking for other filming sites that they pretty much went for the simplest and closest areas they came upon. The area around the edges had more sunlight and flatter areas so that’s where I took lots of photos. When I left the area I saw more deer near the pathway. When I went to cross the golf course I looked to my right and noticed several men standing and watching as I went across the course. Later I realized they were probably waiting for me to get out of their way so they could hit their balls. Luckily I wasn’t their target. After comparing movie pictures to what I saw I tried to come up with what I thought was the logical meadow location.

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Griffith Park Golf Shop 4750 Crystal Springs Dr., Los Angeles, CA