One of my family members is currently in France and was lucky to visit the Cannes Film Festival and is now in Paris. Of course I had to school them about Robs movies The Rover and Maps To The Stars before they left. I think they listened politely, nodding their heads, but I really didn’t expect many photos or even that they would remember what I showed them.

I was quickly surprised when they sent me photos of two magazines they found in Cannes one of them the Premiere magazine with Rob on the cover. They are bringing the two magazines back with them and I am so excited. They soon traveled to Paris and found out that the cinema right around their corner was playing Maps To The Stars. They took some pics at the Cinema and went to see the movie. Today they traveled to The Louvre and sent me a new picture of a sign with The Rover and Rob on it. I was so surprised and excited to see it. Can’t wait to see what else may come from Paris.


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