Robert Pattinson

Seeing Rob At The Rover Premiere

DSCN3174The Rover premiere took place last night here in LA and I have been lucky to have been here for it. I traveled from Portland just for the premiere and to see Rob. It was well worth the trip. Long day waiting with about 200 other fans. We were moved from one side of the street to the other in a fast dash and we lost our place on the front barricade, but it didnt really matter in the end. Rob arrived and came over to his fans first. He came to within about a foot of us and then they turned him to go across to the press. It was so fun to follow him through part of the press line and see him talking to the people and just how he was so classic Rob in his movements. I got some good photos of him with his feet and legs constantly moving, his hand swiping his hair, his crossed feet and then one with his parents right behind him when they acknowledged the fans. My friend with me got more of the close up pictures when he was then again back near us on the barricade. I quickly moved behind people as he moved along. I finally just stopped when I was just in front of him and just watched him. My thoughts were of how young he looked. He was thinner than I expected and looked so great in his teal blue suit. He did look tired in his eyes as he had just done press all day and had come straight from Jimmy Kimmel. I had done a little stalking earlier in the day when Dean (his security) had come to the premiere to check it out. I noticed the black SUV he was driving and remembered and license number. Later when all the people were arriving I knew to look for that one for Rob. Sure enough that’s what he arrived in. The other cast members of the movie did not greet fans which was disappointing. I will post more photos soon.