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Michael Sheen on THR Roundtable

Great Roundtable with six wonderful actors. This is from The Hollywood Reporter Roundtable.  You can read the full content at their website. Michael Sheen is such a fun actor and talks about it here.

The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels, 59; Ray Donovan’s Liev Schreiber, 46; Masters of Sex’s Michael Sheen, 45; The Normal Heart’s Mark Ruffalo, 46; Mad Men’s Hamm, 43; and Charles, 42 all took part. 

Josh’s exit from The Good Wife blew up on Twitter. With the exception of Jon, you’re all active on social media. How has this impacted your work, for better or worse?

MICHAEL SHEEN I got into it earlyon, and it brought out all of my worst traits. If someone said something that pissed me off, I’d go after them. Then you realize it’s turning up in newspapers. (To Ruffalo) I have so much admiration for anyone who does what you’re doing. I’m just not a strong or stable enough person.

SHEEN I’m like Liev. I’d always felt more confident with a lot of words, coming from theater. I’d always had a big confidence issue, too. The reason I took a character-actor route was partly I look like this, but also I took refuge in words. Now playing a character who does not say as much; being interesting without having much to do has been a challenge. But the biggest transition was, the canvas we’re using is suddenly not two hours, but 12 hours. Our story is based on real events, so at least there is some sort of an arc — but it’s massive. It’s a man’s life. In season one, I knew I was going to hit a midway point of the season [crucial to the plot], and I based everything I did on that moment. But I ran the risk of people going: “I really don’t like this guy. There’s nothing charming about him.” But by episode five, what happened had more power because of the cumulative power of the storytelling.

SHEEN Never read comments online, because the one time I did, someone said about me: “Well, he’s certainly no Jon Hamm.” (Laughter.)