Parking Lot between 1st and 2nd Streets
260 S. 2nd Street
St. Helens Oregon

Adjacent to the parking lot is the alley and pathway that Bella used leading down from the book store. It is surrounded by grass, bushes,trees and is somewhat hidden from view. I actually walked up to the front of the building that was the book store and was a bit puzzled because it didn’t fit. I then noticed the pathway on the left side of the building and took that down. It became the  pathway into the alley which cuts to the parking lot. In the movie you can see that Bella glances to her left as she is walking down the pathway and she then views into the parking lot. After walking into the alley, she backs up and walks upward, then turns toward the right going into the parking lot. The alley was very narrow. In the top photo you can see to the right where fans have been on the grass to get a look up towards the book store just like Edward did.