Paul McDonald was in concert with Hanson here in Portland on Saturday night. It was a sold out concert that was attended by lots of screaming Hanson fans. Once inside the Aladdin Theater I got a chance to chat with Craig Eck who works with Paul. Super nice guy who I later saw on stage doing the guitar hand-offs for Paul. I had never seen or heard Paul live before and it was a real treat. He is a true performer when on stage. He played a couple of new songs mixed with some older ones. After he was done Hanson then took the stage for a screaming audience. I have to say I was skeptical at first, but then ended up enjoying their music. They played for over 2 hours. Yes, they are older and so was their audience.

After the concert I was able to meet with Paul for a few minutes. He graciously answered a few of my questions and we chatted a bit. His next project is to record some new music after completing this tour on Monday night in Seattle. His wife Nikki Reed has been accompanying him on the tour but sadly was not here in Portland. It was Paul’s first trip to our city. Nikki Reed just finished up filming the movie Intramural. Paul was on his way out of Portland early the next morning to join Hanson in a commercial they were filming in LA. I was struck by what a nice normal guy he is and how much he loves his music. You can follow him at and on facebook and twitter.  I was lucky to get his autograph and even a hug.