I had heard that it was easy to find the  house in Valencia that was used for Bella’s Arizona house. After winding through a family neighborhood we came to it. It was situated on the cul-de-sac just like in the movie. It had been painted back to it’s original color and there were lots of cars and trucks parked out front. The lot next to it was still vacant with the view of the “desert” and mountains. While I was taking pictures a neighbor across the street started chatting with me and said that none of them were paid much at the time of filming. The production people had asked him to use his house for the cast while filming, but he had refused. His funny story was that during the filming he was working on painting a car in his garage and the noise from the air compressor was interrupting the filming. So they offered to pay him to stop working for the days of filming. Unfortunately, he had a deadline to meet and couldn’t just stop his work. He ended up moving the compressor to behind his house to decrease the noise. It worked. He also pointed out to me that “one of the guy actors” had grown up in this area and his high school was just around the corner. Turned out to be Taylor Lautner. I headed to his school and took some photos. But, while driving just a few streets to get there I came across another street with a familiar name.  All these locations are within a mile of each other. Some weird Twilight karma happening there for sure. I also located some roads near this house that were used for the Edward jeep ride to Arizona. The house is located at 22301 Cataro Drive, Santa Clarita, CA.