I bet no one notices that the reveal scene with Edward and Bella spans through six different locations. When I visited these places I was able to piece together how and where they filmed the scene. Strangely enough, it does flow along like you are in the same forest. Here is where they did all the scenes in order of how you see it in the movie.

Starts at Kalama H.S. in Kalama, Washington. They used the back hill area which is right behind the school. You can still see the mural on the wall on the left.


They walked up the hill looking like they were going into the woods. They really ended up filming the next scene in Oxbow Park in Oregon.


Edward takes Bellas arm and walks out of this area to the left. They then walk pass a huge old log lying next to the pathway.


The next part is when he hoists her on his back and they speed climb up the side of a forested hillside. I was really curious as where they did this part of the scene. When I visited Silver Falls Park we were able to chat with a Park Ranger and he told us that they used a hillside which is on private property adjacent to the park. The property is located off of Silver Springs Road which you pass on your way to the park. Because it is private property, I wasn’t able to take any pictures of it. If you look at these photos of the hill climb, you can see that there is more forested land behind it which is Silver Falls Park.


The next view is of a quick pass over of the Columbia River Gorge. I was able to compare these screen photos to real photos of the gorge and discovered that this area is up river from Beacon Rock and just west of Bonneville Dam. You can see the various islands in the river, but they end the shot right before you can see the dam.


The filming then shows Edward carrying Bella on a pathway and dropping her near a log. He then continues on the pathway and reveals himself in the sunlight. I found that there is a very distinctive boulder to his right. It has a very jagged edge along the top of the boulder. There is also trees to his left which he turns and stands behind after walking out of sight.


Bella follows him after this and they end up in a area full of boulders and trees. He then is up hanging in the tree and talking to Bella. She then climbs up in front of him.


He then climbs off the back of this tree branch. Right behind this tree is the boulder which they lean against for the Lion and Lamb conversation. It looks like two large boulders they stand between, but actually its a large boulder on the left and a huge tree log down on the right side.


The whole scene ends up at The Meadow. They zoom in on them sitting then laying on the grass. Its a very close up shot so that you do not see whats really around them. This scene was shot in Los Angeles at the Griffith Park Golf Course. Right in the center of the course is an area called The Redwoods. They used this area and brought in a blanket of grass, ferns and flowers. I got the chance to visit The Redwoods, but it was very hard to figure out exactly where they filmed The Meadow. Here are some pictures from the area.