Twilightgirlportland Meets Nikki Reed at LA Event

During my recent trip to LA I noticed on twitter that Nikki Reed would be hosting an event for Friends Across The Boarder Charity. It took place on Monday night November 18, at Nine Zero One Salon in West Hollywood. The money raised from the silent auction event would go to the Baja Animal Sanctuary in northern Mexico. She was joined by Cara Santana and others for the trendy event. I decided to brave the LA freeway traffic and try to get a chance to see her. When we arrived I noticed that she was posing for photos with photographers and I was happy to just get a glimpse of her as she moved around the salon. Towards the end of the evening I could see that she was getting ready to leave. A very nice woman came over to me and asked if I would like to meet her. I was really nervous as she took me over and introduced me. I told Nikki I was in town from Portland and she was so warm and friendly even giving me a hug and letting me take a photo with her. She was stunning in a blue short and top outfit. I mentioned that I had just met her husband Paul McDonald in Portland in September and she said that she had married the love of her life. She said that the only thing she kept from the Twilight movies were her baseball shoes.