Twilight Volturi Medallion at Planet Hollywood Twilight Fan Experience

The local designer Artisan Designs did all the jewelry design work for the Twilight movies. When I met with them the owner Rick Thurber told me that the Volturi Medallion he made was not used on the actors. The production crew decided to put the large medallions on the backs of the Volturi throne chairs. As I was looking through some recent photos from the Planet Hollywood Twilight Fan Experience I noticed these amazing jewelry pieces are indeed on the backs of the chairs.The background is made of rare petrified dinosaur bone and is inlaid with pearl, garnet and diamond stone. There is a v-shaped border that replicates vampire teeth that circles the bone. Interestingly, they then had some crafters from our local Portland Saturday Market make up very cool intertwined chain for the pendants. The are stunning on the chair backs. You can read more about the Twilight jewelry here.


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