This has been such an exciting week for Robert Pattinson fans. It started Sunday with the release on youtube of a behind the scenes video of the movie ad made by DIOR.  It went up to 56,000 hits. Sadly by Tuesday it was taken off youtube because it was a hacked copy, not a true copy from DIOR. On September 1, Sunday, DIOR will finally release their movie ad. They have been promoting all this week by distributing photos from the movie ad through their website, facebook, twitter and tumblr accounts. It’s truly been a Rob DIOR blitz of social media! I even noticed yesterday that now the other celebrity blogs and websites have his pictures and interviews online.

The European magazines have also been publishing their interviews with photos from the DIOR news conference in LA this summer. Some magazines are now selling on Ebay. The new DIOR HOMME Fragrance is available in Europe. There have been new DIOR HOMME displays with Rob popping up in stores all over Europe. Not sure when any of this DIOR campaign will be in the US. We can only hope soon, real soon.