One of the my favorite locations in the movies is when Bella and Jacob go out for her motorcycle riding. They are on a dirt road surrounded by beautiful mountains and water behind them. This location proved to be tricky to locate.

I found out that they filmed the meadow for the last four movies in this area too. We read that it was at an area called the Widgeon Slough located off of Siwash Island in the Widgeon Slough National Wildlife Area. you can search for Pitt Lake Canoe Adventures on google maps and it takes you to this area.  When we located this on a map it was right along the Pitt River at the base of the mountains. The road leading out to the area was privately owned and gated and the only way to get to the exact filming roadway was to take a canoe or kayak from the Pitt River and paddle up the slough.

On the first attempt to visit the area we drove out on Rannie Road across the river from the slough hoping to see it close up. We drove along the Pitt river and came to a recreational area call Pitt Lake. There were many boaters, canoes and even a few jet skis in the area. There was overnight parking so that people could take out their boats and go up the river over night. With the backdrop of the mountains it was just a gorgeous picture in front of us. We recognized the mountain peaks from New Moon and Eclipse. This is also the area where Bella does the face punch to Jacob.

On our drive out to the lake area I noticed there was a dike along the the rivers edge. When we  arrived at the Pitt Lake area we could see the dike continued along the river. We decided that was our best bet to see as much of the mountain and slough area that we could as it was straight across from us. We walked along the dike and took photos of the gorgeous mountains and water. While we were leaving we came to another clearing area along the river that was also straight across from the mountains so we stopped and took more photos.

Another day we did try getting into the actual area used for the filming along Quarry road that the production people used. Quarry Road is the same road that the Swiss Canadaian Mountain Range is located on.  After several miles on the dirt road we did come to a locked gate across the road. We turned around. I also learned that there was a forested area along the river that was private property and is also used for filming. That area was also gated. Even though we did not get to the exact filming location we were as close as possible across from it. It was a beautiful area to visit. Maybe next time I can try a canoe.

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These flowers were blooming along the riverbank and reminded us of the flowers in the Twilight Meadows.