If you know me at all, you know I have always been Team Edward.  Always have, always will. That has also transpired to Robert Pattinson. I now really have fun following his career and accomplishments. Cannes 2012 is high on my list. When the website Robsessed did a contest a few weeks ago I joined in the scavenger hunt for things Rob. It was really fun going back to early days in his career and discovering new things I didnt know before. At the end of the contest they chose a winner from all the people who answered correctly. Guess what? I was one of the three winners. Totally shocked me. The best part is that they emailed me the day I was visiting the The Shire and the Twilight Baseball Field. How cool is that. I was actually standing on the field when I turned on my phone and read the email that I had won. Now that’s some weird Twilight karma.

I had won a painting of Robert Pattinson. There were three to chose from.  I just loved the one I chose because of his stunning blue eyes.

Thanks again to Robsessed.


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