St. Helens, Oregon is just over the hill and along the river from where I live. The city resembles Port Angeles, Washington, and was used as a stand in for the city in Twilight. Like Port Angeles, it lies along water. In this case it’s the Columbia River. There are several filming sites located around the historic downtown area. One site, St. Helens H.S., was not listed on the location lists online. I happen to find out about the filming there while reading some articles.

First stop was the Swan house. A lot of movie scenes were actually done inside of this house. First thing I noticed was the front window on the second floor as Bella’s bedroom. The front door stood out as I remembered Charlie standing there when Bella leaves home to head to Phoenix. I was surprised to see a driveway on the right side that slopes downward toward a garage. Her truck mostly hides that in the movie. The road that the house is on dead ends just beyond the house. There is a house across the street that is visible while they are standing outside of the house.

The new owners of the home are Twilight fans. Please park at the bottom of the hill and walk up to the house.

184 S. 6th St.
St. Helens, Oregon