The Baseball Field lies within The Shire and is now covered in tall grasses and hay. The trees surrounding it are full of foliage in shades of green and brown. It’s a beautiful site and much larger than it looks in the movie. The field lies along the river with a large grass area that separates the field and the river. From Multnomah Falls you can view the green grass, but its difficult to see beyond to the field. Within the field stands the huge tree that Emmett jumps up through to catch a ball. There is also the wooded area behind the field that Edward runs into to retrieve a ball. Off to the rear back corner area is a clearing where the Nomads enter through. Bella and Edward also leave through this area in the jeep. The Baseball game is one of my favorite move scenes and I love the music by Muse. “It’s Time”

Emmett's Tree

Emmett’s Tree

Wooded area where Edward runs for the ball

Nomads entrance in corner

Field view from river

View from second base towards first base and river

View from 2nd base towards first base and river