I had heard these last few weeks that the owner was starting to work on the Viewpoint Inn and I had to see for myself what was happening with the building. We drove there last week and were really happy to see that yes indeed there is work being done on it. The new wood on the roof was a nice thing to see to show that the owner really is starting work. There was scaffolding up to and around the chimney and it was clear they are in the process of removing the old chimney bricks. I had read that the plan was to get the house enclosed before the winter months. We were fortunate to have a chat with a neighbor woman who confirmed that yes they were rebuilding the Inn. She also mentioned the fierce winds, rains and ice they get in the area over the winter months. I think we will continue to make trips to the Inn and follow the progress.  Hopefully, I will have positive updates in the coming weeks. It is truly a landmark place that was treasured by many people in our area not just Twilight fans.