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Nikki Reed Paul McDonald NEW MUSIC OUT

it was a bit of sad news this last May when news came out that Nikki and Paul were no longer together. Lucky for us fans their music is now just coming out. They wrote and produced a whole album of songs together that is now available. You can order their new music The Best Part at Nikki’s website. 

From Nikki Reed:

What makes this album special is the fact that Paul and I wrote every song on here together. I’ve always loved music and felt connected to it, but was too afraid to explore that avenue. It was Paul’s encouragement and talent that made me feel safe enough to try. We are inspired by the process itself. There is no greater feeling than doing something you love with someone you love. There will never be another record like this for us, because it’s as much about the message behind it as it is about the music.

Thanks so much for spending your hard earned money on our music! It means the world to us.