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Jeremy Saunders Replies About The Rover Movie Art Design Work

I just posted the gorgeous art work that was done by Jeremy Saunders and sent off an email asking about the art that was done for other pieces for The Rover movie. I asked if he had done the work for the posters here in the US and also if he was involved in the work used for the standees. The art on the standee is really amazing of Rob and Guy Pearce. You can see it up close in my previous posts. I really felt that Jeremy’s work brought out the feel of the movie with his use of color and texture. So glad he released all the work he did and wrote about his process.

He so nicely responded back to my email:

Jeremy Saunders

Thanks Lisa. No, the US artwork was by the folks at Ignition Print in LA. I have seen one of the standees you’re referring to though, they’re enormous! You obviously have a very large house (or not much room to move around now)!! Thanks again and have a great day.
It looks like several creative companies where involved with all the art for the movie. Column 5 was also nice enough to share their work. Thanks Jeremy!