When my friend Cherish and I decided to go the premiere we had no idea how it would play out. We just decided to do our best and see all that we could. It proved to be the best plan. I had never been to a premiere before so just the idea of watching it unfold was pretty exciting. Of course I took lots of photos of the set-up during the day. There seemed to be a buzz of activity all day long leading up to the 7:30 time. They kept a lane of road open down the middle for the cast arrivals. The others attending were greeted down the street and then walked either the red carpet or right behind the press. Peter Facinelli and Rami Malek both arrived and walked the carpet much to the fans delight. Peter did come across and greet some fans. The actress Jamie King arrived and soon came over to say hello and blow kisses. Rob was the last to arrive and he greeted fans first, then did press and then came back to greet the rest. After he entered the theater they immediately started the take down of the carpet and equipment. It was barely ten minutes and we heard him leaving out the back of the theater and into his SUV.

It was a fun day to meet other fans and anticipate Robs arrival. The most frustrating part was the not knowing the set up before it happened. It was a full sun day so we tried to take advantage of the shade of the trees and stay cool. Several fans traded off and left during the day and returned later refreshed. Once Rob arrived we really tried to just soak up as much Rob as we could while he was visible to us. I really loved watching him on the press line and his many expressions and body language. He was so great to all his fans doing photos and autographs. I still can’t believe it all happened and so quick.

We were at lunch the next day, Friday, when Cherish read on twitter about the Q and A time with Rob and David. We quickly purchased tickets and were so excited. We dashed back to our hotel, changed out of our beach clothes and sped to the theater. The movie is so amazing. Seeing Rob once again was just to much to believe.

Here’s a few pics of the premiere and you can find lots more at my facebook page twilightgirlportland.com. Thanks to Cherish Sears for sharing her photos.

I am doing another post with just Rob photos as I have too many. You can read my other posts on the premiere here here here.