Robert Pattinson

The Rover Movie Q & A My Videos of Rob

When we attended the Rover Movie Q and A we really were not sure how it would be set up. As it turned out right after the movie was over and the credits roll was done they brought out three chairs and placed them center front of the theater. There was no time to move around and do anything. Cherish had moved to the second row before the movie. I stayed a few rows back. As I was sitting there still shocked by the movie I noticed off to the right Dean walk in and Rob right behind him. David was also with him. He was wearing the same black sweatshirt as the night before and had a baseball cap on. They just stood over against the wall and a few people were going in and out. He was right behind Cherish and she didnt know it. They waited until the camera was set up and the seats and moderator was ready and then walked in as they were introduced. The lighting in the theater was still muted so it made it hard for photos. Everyone started taking pictures with or without a flash. The moderator talked about the movie with David and then they opened it up to questions from the audience.

My cameras weren’t doing great with the lighting so I just started using my video on my camera and it worked. I focused on Rob. I tried to tape when he was talking and replying to a question. I JUST LOVE THAT VOICE. Here are my videos.