The Shire
MP 28/29 State Road 14
Washougal, Washington

I just did another visit to my favorite Twilight location The Shire. It is located on the Washington state side of the Columbia River straight across from Multnomah Falls. It is where they filmed several scenes for the Twilight movie. The production crew was on site for two weeks. They used several areas around the 42 acre site. You can read more in my previous posts.  This was my fourth trip and every time I go the landscape is different. This time the Baseball field was covered in green grasses and purple flowers. It looked more like “the meadow” than the Baseball field. The water level in the river was high so the huge boulders along the water were much smaller looking. The pilings in the river out from the boulders were covered with water. The bridge and pathway where they did the tracking was not usable because the water was so high. It was cool because the trees were more bare so that we could see through them more and it made it more of a “twilight” scenery. We followed a pathway that went further back along the railroad tracks and it was much more cleared out. We could see across to Multnomah Falls.