Catherine Hardwicke New Interview on Indiewire

Catherine Hardwicke just did a new interview mostly about her new movie Plush. Its a very different movie from Twilight and she talks in the interview about the two. After having heard from a few sources that worked with her while filming Twilight, I now understand her quirkiness even more.

Here’s a bit of the article and you can read the whole article here at Indiewire.

“For me, I have to say that, in a way, I was lucky. Because on my “Twilight,” it didn’t have the level of expectations that any of the other ones had. No one, even the night before the film opened, ever expected to hit $400 million. [Laughs] Or $69 million on opening weekend. That just kind of blew everybody away. So I wasn’t under that kind of pressure and scrutiny. I got a chance to make my “Twilight,” more like an indie film, in a way. I could really just kind of feel the characters. And at that time, I believe Stephenie [Meyer] was busy writing two other books—the last of the “Twilight” books and “The Host”—and promoting the third “Twilight” book. So she wasn’t even able to be there that much. And I think that later on, the pressure became more intense from every angle for the other directors, and they were probably less able to make [their films] as personal as mine was able to be. And I loved the first book the best anyway—just her fresh, impulsive, first idea. There’s this dizzy, crazy, madly-in-love feeling, and that feeling is what attracted me. I just wanted to see if I could translate what people were feeling when they read the book—all that dizzy, crazy, madly-in-love stuff. For me it turned into its own outrageous thing.”