Whenever I chat with Cruze on 105.1 The Buzz in the mornings I am never quite sure what we will end up talking about. He always has his  news stories ready for the radio and I always have my twilight related news ready to go. It usually ends up like today with a combo of both. I have become interested in the filming of 50 Shades of Grey and its connection to Twilight and Portland. I will to try to keep up with the news surrounding it all. Its like the opposite of my interest in Twilight. With Twilight they filmed all the first movie here in Portland and I have visited all the filming sites while the actual book is supposedly in Forks, Washington. With 50 Shades the actual book sites are Portland, Vanc. Wash. and Seattle, but the filming will happen in Vancouver, B.C.  Now I want to scout out the book sites in our area.