You may have heard Twilightgirlportland either on the radio in Portland or on my website and wondered about who Cruze really is. He is a really nice radio personality on 105.1 The Buzz and you can hear him from 6:00-10:00 am Monday thru Fridays. He was nice enough to give me some time for a chat so I could learn a little bit more about how he really ticks.

 He is originally from NYC but was in Denver a few years before coming to Portland. Cruze has been on The Buzz for about 2 ½ years doing his morning show and he said that if he wasn’t on the radio he would like to be an airline pilot or chef. He really does likes to cook. I thought he probably drank gallons of coffee to keep up his fast paced personality while on the air but it turns out he is into wheatgrass and healthy living to keep him energetic and young. He does have a recording room in his home and does a lot of work for different companies.  His highest market on The Buzz is females 25-34. His show is the third highest morning show in Portland and climbing.

 Of course I had to ask about his favorite music artist which currently is One Republic and Journey. He told me he did have the opportunity to meet Willie Nelson. Portland City Grill is one of his favorite Portland restaurants.

 But the really burning question I had was: Do you really go to Ideal Image Laser Hair Removal?  He does a voice ad for them on the radio and talks of going himself.  I had to ask and his answer was YES. Several times in fact.

 I got the chance to ask some rapid fire questions and here are his answers:



Hunger Games






 I think the most ironic thing is that the reason I called in the first time was to request the twilight song 1000 years. Now I know that the songs played are pretty much all planned out and played in an automatic order.

 My last question was if he has read or seen the Twilight movies.  He honestly answered that yes, he has seen the movies.  Now that was the right answer.