Robert Pattinson

DIOR HOMME ROB Instyle Magazine Germany


New pictures and interview are out on Instyle Magazine Germany. Its very exciting to see that these interviews are making their way into the magazines. They were done last November in LA. The promotions are starting in Europe and hopefully will follow into the US magazines as well.


Q: As soon as you have left Twilight behind you, you´re having the next generation swoon as a model for Dior Homme. Have you come to terms with your sex-symbol status?
A: (laughs) It was a deliberate move. I´m older now. Until last year, I felt like a child, self-conscious and insecure. Everything seemed to just happen to me, I was simply very lucky. My ego had to catch up with that, too. But now I have a career to plan.

Q: Where are you heading?
A: I´d like to keep making “obscure” movies, but I also have to stay on the radar to finance these indie-projects. Sure, after Twilight I just could have done the next big studio-thing, but I thought that Dior is so classy. I´ve never really played a truly masculine, erotic character.

Q: You could take a break for a year. Or go back to London.
A: London isn´t the same place for me anymore. The last time I really lived there, in my own apartment, was six years ago and meanwhile, almost all my friends have moved to New York and only my family is left.

Q: Dior presents you as a modern James Dean. Do you live like every day was your last?
A: Somehow, yes… If I were to die tomorrow, it would be ok. Cause I didn´t deny myself anything. But I don´t have a very exiting life.

Q: What was the most exiting thing that has happened to you lately?
A: Not putting my seatbelt on while driving!

Q: That only counts if you´re still the bad driver you used to claim to be.
A: I´m a much better driver now, not that anxious anymore. Must be because of my new self-esteem. Or because I was stuck in traffic for too long. You just have to be frustrated enough to lose all your fears!

Q: Who keeps you safe in your life as a celebrity?
A: I don´t have a publicist. I can say No on my own. My dogs though, Bear and Bernadette, they´ve grown into some serious guard dogs. They´re chasing away anyone who comes near my house. But I don´t own anything of value, you could only steal my couch (laughs)

Q: What is your biggest luxury?
A: Actually, I spend most money on flight-tickets. A first class flight from L.A. to London is 20.000 $. Then, 200 $ for a pair of jeans seems too much.

Q: But you still like designer suits.
A: Absolutely. I have a strange relationship with my suits; I wear them only once, but I can´t seem to part with them. There must be a thousand in storage.

Q: Sounds quite vain.
A: I still prefer drinking beer to working out. But I´ve come to terms with the fact that my looks are part of my brand. Everything I invest in that brand hopefully leads to another job.

Q: Does that mean that on the red carpet, you´re putting as much pressure on yourself as your females colleagues do?
A: I keep having panic-attacks (laughs). Acute anxiety from twisted body perception or maybe I´m just afraid that I´ve picked the wrong outfit. My stylist, Ryan Hastings, is driving me crazy with his many options.

Q: It seems to work, though, you always end up on the “best dressed”-list.
A: That´s thanks to Ryan, too. Although, that Gucci suit from the last Twilight premiere, I designed that myself. Emerald houndstooth.

Q: Are you wearing strictly Dior now?
A: On my skin, definitely (laughs)

Q: Do you have a sensitive nose?
A: Yes. I can smell when someone feels uncomfortable or is lying. It smells sourly.

Q: How did the first woman in your life smell?
A: My girlfriend when I was twelve? Like soap and laundry detergent. That was strange. I think it´s ok to be a little dirty…