There has been so many photos and videos up this past week of Rob filming that I have been overwhelmed. No way could I keep up with the steady stream of new photos. Here are some of my favorite ones and their sources. If you want the full out fan coverage check out my sister site Spunk-Ransom. They have it all.

This from Entertainment Weekly:


Image Credit: Caitlin Cronenberg












It’s 1955 and Life magazine photographer Dennis Stock has convinced a young James Dean to take a road trip from Los Angeles to New York to Dean’s hometown of Fairmont, Indiana, so Stock can photograph Dean in the environments that “affected and shaped the unique character” of Dean, the photographer said in an interview describing their adventure.

However, that fateful trip, where Stock shot Dean’s famous Times Square photo, is the subject of a new film directed by Dutch director Anton Corbijn. Starring Dane DeHaan as Dean and Robert Pattinson as Stock, the film, called Life, is currently shooting in freezing Ontario, Canada, which is doubling for Indiana.





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