When the newborns are in Seattle they are rampaging the city and bring more newborn vampires to a area that looks like a parking lot surrounded by buildings. The Volturi also make an appearance here overlooking from a high cement ledge. Victoria and Reily make their plans here for the attack on the Cullens.

The area they filmed this at is located in New Westminister BC. It is actually right near where they filmed the Paramount Theater with Bella and Jessica for New Moon. The newborn scenes are done down behind the city buildings and underneath a large cement parking structure that rises high above the roadway. It was tricky finding the exact location because some of the buildings have been redone with new outside siding and paint. The filming was done in the darkness so they were able to do close up filming and blur out the backgrounds.

At first we couldn’t figure out where the volturi were standing. My friend went up on the parking sturcture to this circular area that overlooked the parking below. I wasnt sure this was the right spot because the circular structure had a pretty high cement wall blocking the view to down below. Right adjacent to this circular structure was a narrow bridge that connected the city streets to the parking structure. We felt we were in the right area and took photos.

It wasn’t until we watched the movie part with the newborns, and Reily looks back up to where the volturis had just departed that we realized it was the spot., It was very distinctive with the three vertical open slots on the building. We figured that they must have filmed the volturi from up above on this other bridge so that you didnt see this cement wall in front of them. Good searching on my friends part that we finally go it figured out.