Esme Cullen Crest Bracelet Signed by Peter Facinelli “Dr. Cullen”

A month ago when I was fortunate to visit Artisan Designs in Portland I had the chance to see all the Cullen Crest pieces they made for Twilight. I knew that I couldn’t leave without ordering a piece for myself. I chose the Esme bracelet because it represented her character and the Cullen family. I have been wearing it and really enjoying it. I took it with me to met Peter Facinelli in LA this last week and he immediately recognized it and we chatted about the ring he had during the filming. I was happy to learn that he was able to keep his original Cullen Crest ring. I had the idea to ask him to sign the back of my bracelet and he loved the idea. I can not thank him enough and I am hoping it will last a very long time.