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Peter Facinelli Gallows Hill Movie

When I visited with Peter Facinelli last December in LA, he was telling me about his next projects coming up. One of them was that he had filmed this new movie Gallows Hill in Columbia which is soon to come out. New trailers and videos are now out showing more about the movie and Peter’s part.The movie is based off of the young adult book of the same name.

Twilight’s Peter Facinelli is a worried father in this horror flick.Widower David (Peter Facinelli) flies to Columbia with his new fiancée Lauren (Sophia Myles) to retrieve his teenage daughter Jill (Nathalia Ramos), who ran away from home. When a car collision leaves them helpless in a shadowy roadhouse, they soon learn that the old innkeeper has imprisoned a young girl in the basement. The family’s decision to free her has unforeseen consequences.Looks like it should be getting released this summer.