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It was just released that Rob will be filming another film possibly this fall in Chicago. Yes, Chicago. More information about the filming should be coming out soon. Here is the article from Chicago Tribune. According to the article they do a lot of filming in Chicago.

There could be another mob movie filming in Chicago this fall. But before you roll your eyes, this one is supposedly based on a true story of a robbery gone wrong and stars “Twilight” idol Robert Pattinson.

Now you can roll your eyes. Or swoon. Whichever.

“I’m working with (director Olivier) Assayas in November, which is crazy,” Pattinson told French magazine, Le Nouvel Observateur. “…It’s called ‘Idol’s Eye.’ It’s a gangster movie. It’s a true story about … some thieves who rob a porn store without realizing it’s a mafia front in the late 70s. The script is amazing.”

Assayas said the start date for filming is tentative, as is the location of the shoot.

“I can’t really discuss it much because it’s not locked or finalized, but my next film will be in the U.S.,” Assayas told the Hollywood Reporter. “We are shooting in Chicago, and it’s a genre movie based on a real story called ‘Idol’s Eye,’ the name of a famous diamond. If everything goes according to plan, it should be shooting by late fall.”

Reached for comment Thursday, Chicago Film Office director Rich Moskal said he could not confirm “Idol’s Eye” would shoot in Chicago.

The movie would join the long list of mob flicks that filmed here, including “Public Enemies,” “Road to Perdition,” “Hoodlum,” “The Untouchables,” “Mad Dog & Glory,” “Thief” and “The Sting.” And don’t forget about the mob-related TV shows that shot in Chicago in the last few years, including Fox’s “The Mob Doctor”, VH1’s “Mob Wives Chicago” and Starz’s “The Capones.”

Pattinson became a house hold name thanks to the “Twilight” franchise, which earned nearly $3.3 billion combined at the worldwide box office. He has been receiving the best reviews of his career for his role in the upcoming film, “The Rover.”



More on Idols Eye from Deadline:

Le Monde (via Looking For More) reports that the film is titled “Idol’s Eye” and it will have a budget of $30 million. And we already know that the film is based on a 2007 Playboy article called “Boosting The Big Tuna” by Hillel Levin and is inspired by actual events, in which a bunch of regular criminals accidentally robbed Chicago mafia boss Tony Accardo.

In fact, Assayas has confirmed this himself adding that it will be his first U.S. production. “My next film will be in the U.S. We are shooting in Chicago and it’s a genre movie based on a real story, called ‘Idol’s Eye,’ the name of a famous diamond,” he told THR. “If everything goes according to plan it should be shooting by late fall.”