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Robert Pattinson Rolled-up Suit at La Grand Journal

When I looked at the photos from Rob’s appearance on La Grand Journal the first thing I noticed were his rolled up suit pant legs and his bare feet in his sneakers. What a fantastic look! So European casual. Not sure you would see that look in LA. I came across this article on his clothing and its a great read about his outfit in Cannes.

This is posted on Off The Cuff by Andrew Warburton.

Robert Pattinson breezed into Cannes yesterday and appeared on the French TV show Le Grand Journal wearing a relaxed navy suit and casually untucked shirt. If anyone needed further proof that style is more about the details than the garments, check out his ankles: that’s right, Pattinson rolled up the hems (those aren’t structured cuffs) and wore Adidas sneakers sans socks. Only a few weeks ago the model David Gandy claimed that a man’s style is often more about his character than his clothes and what could be more characterful than this hem-and-sneaker action (on a suit, no less)?

If you check out the footage, you’ll notice that Pattinson’s suit was a lovely, rich navy with an almost dusty quality, more on the blue side of the navy blue. His lapels were extremely narrow for a peaked design – so narrow they could almost be taken for notched. The sky blue shirt he wore was perfect for the hazy spring weather in Cannes while his sneakers and rolled up pants were what really sealed the look.