I think my idea started when I saw on Twitter one of the Rover standees up in a theater in Philadelphia. Then I also saw on twitter one of them standing in the offices of where they were designed. I was so excited to see one and thought for sure we would see one in LA during the premiere. But, no. They were no where near the red carpet or at the Arc Light Cinema where the Q and A took place. After returning to Portland I was on the hunt. The first Rover showing I went to was at Cinetopia and they had no standee or no posters. The third time for the movie was also there. After then I decided to call around to the other theaters to see if they had a standee or posters. The Rover movie was playing in three other theaters in Portland and I got lucky at the Regal Fox Tower downtown. They had both. I went and visited them last weekend and spoke with their manager about the possibility of getting one. She said they would just recycle it and that yes leave my name for it. I called back to them yesterday when I saw that the movies last playing time was tonight. The Rover is over is Portland after tonight. Sad. She told me that if I wanted the standee I could come tonight and take it. I took my van as it would hold larger materials.

When I arrived at Regal Fox Tower I met with Caitlin and she was very helpful with dragging it out to a open area where I could take it apart. It proved to be a much bigger job than I thought. She mentioned that it was put together was professionals who came in and that it was also one of the more complicated ones that she had seen. I guess A24 came through with designing these standees even thought they did not get out to all the theaters. I proceeded to figure out a plan to get it apart enough to fit in my van. It had rows of flaps, screws with wingnuts and lots of folding parts that fit together. I first got the back pieces off so that I could get inside to release all the flaps without tearing them. The front pieces then came off. The main sections were made in two parts that were screwed together so those were next. As I was working on it a couple came out of  the theater where I knew The Rover was playing and had just ended. They saw what I was working on and we started chatting. She was a true Rob fan. He was for the other side, Jacob. They both enjoyed the movie and offered to help me out. What a lifesaver they were. We continued to take all the pieces apart and then they even helped me get it to my van. I forgot to mention that today was the hottest day in Portland all year so I was a bit sweaty by the end of all of this. I got a quick photo of them after we were done. He wasnt so sure about being on a Twilight site until I promised no names. So I have no clue who these really kind Rover fans were but thanks to them again. The whole process was about an hour and half and well worth it. I was also able to get a movie poster. This is the same theater were they screened Cosmopolis so they seem to be on a roll for Robs movies.

Thank you again to Regal Fox Tower 10 manager Jessica and Caitlin. I hope to be back there to see MTTS and LIFE. Now I have to figure where to rebuild the standee in my house.  If your in the Portland area and want to visit it, I will have it at my house for the summer.