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You can read my first post after my visit with Column 5 Media and see photos of the materials they designed for The Rover movie here. At the time of that post I was asked to not reveal information that was not already released by A24 Media. Now that the film is released and the material is out I wanted to share some more of what I learned while visiting with them. I contacted them with a few questions and they were nice to respond back.

When I first visited them Travis talked about the Asian influence in the movie. After seeing the movie now I understand what he was talking about. The first thing I noticed was the asian inspired  music used in several different scenes. There is also Asian writings on some of the buildings and signs inside them. Travis explained it further:  “In the world of The Rover, there is a shift in power to the Asian countries. That’s why we introduced mandarin into some of the designs. We thought it would be a nice, subtle touch to the shifting landscape of the movie. We have a couple employees who speak mandarin, so getting accurate interpretations wasn’t too difficult.”  If you look closely at the money they designed you can see that there are mandarin symbols incorporated into it along with some of the signs that they designed.

They also shared with me that they created a driver license for Rey (Rob) and a passport for Eric (Guy).  I watched for these to appear in the movie but did not see them. They may still be released by A24. The license for Rey was basically created from a US license and then redone with his information and photo. The passport for Guy also started with an authentic one and then redone for his character. Travis explained it: “The driver’s license and passport were created, but A24 hasn’t released them yet. They weren’t seen in the movie, and were more of a visual representation of the documentation the characters might be carrying around. It also allows newer fans of the film to understand that Rob’s character was from the states, while Guy’s character was native to Australia.”

SPOILER ALERT  I have to say that before I visited them I had read online some “rumors” about Rob’s character Rey and that he might be killed at the end of the movie.While talking with Travis I had to ask if it was true? If Rob did die at the end of the movie? I could tell at the time he was trying to stay neutral and not give anything away. He just smiled and said he couldn’t comment. I should have know right then how the movie would end. I also asked if they would be attending the premiere in LA and at that time he wasn’t sure who would be attending from their company.

SPOILER ALERT   It was fun to hear from him again and his comments about Rey (ROB): “Yeah. I was at the premiere. It was a lot of fun. I know that had to be hard for you to watch ;)”

I guess it was pretty evident while chatting with him that I was a true Robert Pattinson fan. Thank you again to Travis at Column 5 and to Kristin at Spunk-Ransom for setting up the visit.  If you haven’t seen The Rover GO NOW!


If you look quickly you can notice the money that Eric (Guy) uses to pay for the round tin he purchases from the two guys who tell him where to find medical help.