The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn 2 Included in Movies That Wonderfully Ignored Conventional Hollywood Endings

Thank you Jack Morrissey for sharing this article on Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. Its from Film School Rejects and talks about the ending battle scene in the movie.

6 Movies That Wonderfully Ignored Conventional Hollywood Endings

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

Stephenie Meyer’s vampire series isn’t most people’s cup of tea, but I admire the ending as it plays in the novel and how Bill Condon adapted it for the film. On the page it’s anticlimactic, the sad result of a writer who wrote her logic into a corner. But there’s also something fun about creating a scenario with no deus ex machina that makes it all right. Sure, someone shows up precisely when he’s needed, but being guided by a woman who can see the future, it’s not really a shock, and the danger persists.

The shock comes from Condon’s treatment, which so cleverly gave us the pulp massacre many were hoping for but that no Twi-hard would ever accept. Meyer had said that there could be no fight because most of the characters would die, so Condon shows this. Character by beloved character are decapitated, ripped apart or sucked into the depths of the earth. It might not be able to happen in reality, but we could at least see how it would happen through the eyes of the woman who sees the future of their actions. Condon managed to honor very different sets of people with very different expectations.



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