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Twilight to “Man of Steel” Superman

After designing costumes for Breaking Dawn 1 and 2, costume designer Michael Wilkinson lent his expertise to work on the “Man of Steel” Superman movie. You could say he went from the Twilight  “men of steel” to a different version in “Man of Steel” Superman.  The costumes he designed for these two movies could not be more different.

The designs he did for BD 1 and 2 started with the wedding  party and guests in very organic tones with an old style feel. The designs were matched to each Cullen families historical backgrounds. For BD 2 it was all about presenting Bella as a sleek and powerful vampire.  The movie concluded with all of the rich and heavy capes and costumes worn by the Volturi.

Michael Wilkinson and James Acheson are the costume designers for Man of Steel. They spoke about how the new suit had to feel organic to Superman’s world and the alien characters around him. In Man of Steel, Superman wears the suit because it was worn by his ancestors. The blue, red and yellow suit is no longer Superman’s costume, it is now the plaid shirt and sports jacket he wears as Clark Kent.

It can be difficult to appreciate what Michael Wilkinson and James Acheson were trying  to achieve when their work is hidden behind so much CGI.  This is another similarity with BD 1 and 2 as these last two Twilight movies used the most CGI of all the saga movies. Michael Wilkinson is an extraordinary costume designer and his designs for BD 1 and 2 definitely added greatly to the movies.  His interpretation from the book was brilliantly brought to life in both of the Breaking Dawn movies.