If I fly in from Portland how can I get a ticket or pass for sure?

7 Nov

if u fly in I’ll make sure u get a ticket. 🙂

This was the tweet that started my Twilight road trip to LA. After receiving this from Peter Facinelli I decided to really do it. The next day I booked my air, hotel and car and was on my way. He was signing copies of his new comic book Protocal: Orphans on Saturday, November 16th at Golden Apple Comics in Los Angeles.  He later messaged me to skip the line and come into the store to see him. When I arrived at the store on Saturday there were about 15 people in line and I got the chance to chat with some of them.

Peter and his co writer Michael Allen Nelson arrived and came out onto the sidewalk to greet everyone. He was looking casual in jeans, plaid shirt and sneakers. I was struck by how warm, gracious and relaxed he was with everyone and thanking all who came. When I went into the store the staff were aware I was coming and ushered me up front. When I introduced myself to Peter he was really glad to see me and appreciated that I had flown in from Portland to meet him. The professional photographer snapped a few pictures of us all together. He graciously signed my poster and photos I had taken. He even signed my Esme bracelet which was amazing. His daughter Lola had accompanied him and sat alongside him. I asked a few questions about Twilight and he said he wished that all the movies had been made in the Portland area. I asked if he was able to keep his Cullen crest ring. He said that after the first movie he gave it away, not realizing it would be needed for the next movie. He was given another one and was able to keep that one after Breaking Dawn 2. After chatting for a while he asked me to stay around to talk some more. It was a great opportunity to see how engaging he is with all his fans. More to come on his current and future projects.