It sounded like such a good vacation idea to head south to San Diego CA and visit some family for a week. The day after we arrived the city is surrounded with 9 fires, mostly in the north part of town. We are staying in Rancho Bernardo, which is just SE of one of the bigger fires in San Marcos.

We were unaware of the havoc being caused by the fires on the freeway and traffic and took off driving north on Wednesday. We got about 15 miles and came to a stop. After looking at our GPS and seeing solid red freeway ahead we turned around to go back to the house. Just as we came around some hilltops I looked off to my right and saw the biggest darkest fire plume I have ever seen. It was huge coming from behind a hillside west of Escondido. This was the start of the San Marcos fire. It has continued to burn and take out houses along the way.

Yesterday I had an idea to call in and chat with Cruze on 105.1 The Buzz about the fires as we soon learned Wednesday night that the fires were on national news. As always he is just a crack-up in the morning. We chatted the fire and he also mentioned Robert Pattinson. Of course he knows I am a bit obsessive with him.

The website spunk-ransom picked up my soundbite and put it up on their site yesterday thanks to Kristin. You can read her fun cute article at their website. We are heading south to the beaches today and hope to get out of the smoke.