Silver Falls State Park lies just south of Portland and east of Salem. It includes more than 9,000 acres of beautiful forested land. Its famous for its Trail of Ten Falls which includes a 8 mile walking trail that passes by and under the most beautiful waterfalls. You may also encounter a black bear, cougar or coyote when visiting the park. The park was brought to the attention of the Twilight production team by the scouting team of Beth Melnick and Don Baldwin. They worked all around the Portland area looking for locations for the movie. Supposedly, Don Baldwin was the onsite person for the park. Four different scenes were shot here with the second unit and stunt doubles. None of the main cast were in the park. The deer chase with Edward catching it was shot here for the scenery. They later did some CG for the actual deer catch. Bella’s truck rumbles across the icy bridge on her way to school. I found out that they used a piece of private property adjacent to the park for the Edward/Bella hill-climb during the reveal scene. They climb up through the trees with the park in the background. The park is full of Douglas fir trees which were perfect for the tree-to-tree sequence with Bella and Edward. They start the sequence right out of Edwards window in the Cullen house in Portland. It ends with them in the tall trees overlooking the Columbia River at Cape Horn and shot by helicopter.

The filming of Twilight in Portland was pretty low key compared to the later movies filming in Vancouver, B.C. But this article did appear in The Oregonian newspaper:

Vampires take to sky at Silver Falls Park

In Silver Falls Park the Twilight movie film crew where shooting action scenes. Twilight stunt doubles Helena Barrett and Paul Darnell use a cable and harness to glide through a wooded area Thursday at Silver Falls State Park. Film crews spent a week at the park. 

If you get the chance to visit Portland, its worth the trip to the park. Its beautiful on a sunny summer day. If you want the ‘Twilight” look you may want to visit in the fall through spring time.