To enter to the areas where many scenes were filmed you have to take one of the scheduled tours or trespass across their private property. I did notice lots of evidence of trespassers who have enjoyed visiting the Twilght Baseball field and Emmetts tree. There is a locked gate across the narrow dirt road that leads into the area. There is also a second locked gate after crossing some railroad tracks. The gentleman who is the caretaker of the property commented that most of their trespassers are fishermen. They do have wildlife cameras installed throughout the 75 acres of land. I really enjoyed the tour and hearing more about the land and its history.

If you have visited the Cullen house in Portland, you have probably wondered where did they film the roadway leading to the house. The actual house is in a part of historic NW Portland that is a neighborhood lined with beautiful old homes and tall majestic tress. Here’s your answer. They filmed the winding tree lined roadway at The Shire. They used the road which leads down into the area.