Twilight Girl Portland

Portland will forever be associated with the beginning of the Twilight Saga. The city and its surrounding areas are featured throughout the films. I hope to share some of the sights and sounds of the Portland Twilight Connection.

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Forks High School is a prominent location through out the Twilight Saga. The school is located  near the main street going through Forks, Washington. It was recently renovated and replaced and now stands as a beautiful new high school for about 400 students. When I visited on SMD the school set up tours given by high school students. They had fun taking us throughout the school to all of “Bellas” school classes, cafeteria, gym and even her locker. There is even a display of Twilight books in the library. Robert Pattinson is also represented with the book of Water For Elephants. This is just a few of my photos. You can see them all on my facebook page twilightgirlportland.       

TWILIGHT: The Shire update August 2023

One of my favorite Twilight movie filming locations is The Shire located on the Columbia River off Hwy 14 in Washington. I was able to visit today and once again enjoy the beauty of the location. I was surprised by how low the water in the river is right now. It was very noticeable at the rock formation edge. I could even see to the river sandy banks where the little stream flows into the river. There were also several wood pilings visible that I had not seen before.  I was able to speak with a Unviersity of Oregon person there and she said they plan to open up the area next spring to the public and possibly have some music concerts on the grounds.  I hope all Twilight fans have a chance to visit sometime soon.  


This home in North Vancouver was only used for the interior in New Moon. The Birthday Party was filmed here for Bella. It is a private residence with a street view.


Whytecliff Park is located in West Vancouver near Horseshoe Bay. Its a beautiful public park with a small beach and the rock cliffs you can walk on and enjoy the lovely views. The cliff was used for the jump with Victoria and Bella into the water. This area was used for only the top part of the jump off the cliffs.

Bella Swan House NM/E/BD Filming Location

The home for the Swan family was built at a park in Surrey BC.  Its located just southeast of Vancouver BC. After the filming the house was deconstructed so that all that remains is an empty space on one side of the park. The house was slightly different than the one used for the first Twilight movie to accommodate the filming.  


The historic Orpheum Theater in Vancouver BC, was used for the flashback scene with Edward. They used the inside of the theater along with the balcony walkway and a stairway. I came across this article from the Examiner which was written at the time of the filming. Better known as the home of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the historic Orpheum Theatre will tomorrow – Monday, March 13, 2011 – purportedly serve as the latest ‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ movie location. Lead actors Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are expected to arrive at the theater around 5:30 a.m., and one can assume the break-of-dawn start is designed to minimize and discourage disruption by fans and curiosity seekers.


In the last movie of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn part 2 Bella drives to Charlies house and drops off Renesmee and then she drives into “Seattle” for a meeting. After her meeting she is shown driving back to “Forks” and rethinking everything that she just learned from Mr. Jenks. For the filming they used the Sea-To-Sky Hwy which runs from Vancouver to Whistler and beyond. They used a stretch of it that is accessible at the Porteau Road exit overpass. This is right between Vancouver and Squamish BC. We drove the highway from Vancouver to Pemberton area which is the location of the Denali house. Its a beautiful highway which follows the river and allows you to view all the tall mountaintops.

NM/E/BD Motorcycle/Meadows Widgeon Slough

One of the my favorite locations in the movies is when Bella and Jacob go out for her motorcycle riding. They are on a dirt road surrounded by beautiful mountains and water behind them. This location proved to be tricky to locate. I found out that they filmed the meadow for the last four movies in this area too. We read that it was at an area called the Widgeon Slough located off of Siwash Island in the Widgeon Slough National Wildlife Area. you can search for Pitt Lake Canoe Adventures on google maps and it takes you to this area.  When we located this on a map it was right along the Pitt River at the base of the mountains. The road leading out to the area was privately owned and gated and the only way to get to the exact filming roadway was to take a canoe or kayak from the Pitt River and paddle up the slough.

BD 2 Movie Location Stawamus Chief

The rock face stands out right along the Sea To Sky Highway near Squamish going north to Whistler from Vancouver BC. There is a pull off area that you can stop at to see it up close. The best views were from the Squamish area. The rock face was used in Breaking Dawn Part 2 when Bella smelled the guy climbing it and took off running after him. She leaps up onto a ledge on the rock and Edward follows. She then leaps off and takes off running. I am not sure how much of the scene was real or done with a green screen. The rock face is huge and stands tall above the river. It definitely made for a realistic background view for the movie.        


By far this was the most exciting location to find. The location was easy to come by and it proved to be easy to find. We drove out of Coquitlam on Quarry Rd. until we came to Gilley’s Trail Rd. As we turned the corner the house came into view. It stands on a large property that is fenced and includes the barn/garage next to the house. There is mostly grass surrounding the house and barn but it rolls down to tall fir trees behind the house. I dont believe anyone is currently living in the house as we just saw several goats behind the fences. The house looked much the same as in Breaking Dawn with the blue tarp still on parts of the roof. The house and barn are still painted dark red. It was very awesome just standing and taking in the whole property and thinking of all the scenes that were filmed there. The house appears in all the movies except the first Twilight movie filmed in Oregon.